Welcome to our Cake shop !

We can make your dream cake for your event : birthday, wedding, corporate or just to treat yourself !

Our particularity ? We bring french flavors and quality in our cakes. A good-looking cake, with a great taste, is our main goal to satisfy our customers


Beautiful and Tasty !

Combining a beautiful cake with a great taste is our main motivation.

Cake Design suffers from a bad reputation, in terms of taste. It is often judged as too sweet, like many pastries from the United States.

Our goal is to restore the image of Cake Design, by offering you cakes that are as tasty as they are beautiful. To achieve this goal, we bring French quality and flavors in our cakes.


We propose a be-spoke service to create your dream cake, for your special event, by discussing with you about the customized details you want to add in your creation.

To create your beautiful cake, we need time to focus on each detail. For this reason, we request a minimum order of 4 days prior your event, to be sure to validate your order with us.

Delivery in all Dubai is possible, from 9am to 7pm

  • Yaman

    Thank you for the cake !
    It was very good, fresh and light.
    My son was in heaven !

  • Fatima

    The cake excedeed my expectations !
    I'll definitely coming back for more !
    Thank you

  • Celine

    The cake was as yummy as beautiful.
    Everyone loved it

  • Swity

    The cake was so so perfect and delicious.
    Every guest loved it and they have been messaging me personally about the cake